pregnancy tests

If your period is late or you are experiencing symptoms of pregnancy, a free pregnancy test is a good place to start. Though highly accurate for most women, a urine pregnancy test is considered an indication of pregnancy.  Only a medical professional can diagnose a pregnancy. Seeing a doctor will be a necessary follow-up to establish whether a pregnancy is normal or not. A tubal pregnancy, for example, requires medical intervention, and is not ended if you choose abortion.  Would you like to schedule a pregnancy test?

accurate information about adoption

You may decide to make an adoption plan for your child.  This loving decision is often made by women who first thought that abortion was their only option.  Life Outreach has information on open adoption.  Open adoption allows you to choose parents for your child from the numerous files of couples who want to adopt.  Open adoption can even allow for an ongoing relationship with your child if desired.  Find out more about open adoption by calling us.  We can arrange a meeting with an adoption specialist.

accurate information about abortion

Abortion is often seen as a solution to a pregnancy that you don't feel ready for.  We believe that you owe it to yourself to know the facts about abortion before you decide.  Abortion can carry some hard consequences.  Would you like to talk to someone about abortion?  No one will have to live with the consequences of this decision as much as you will.  If your boyfriend or parents are pressuring you to have an abortion, be assured that you have rights.  No one can force you to do this.  Talk to us and we will help.  

We do not offer or refer for abortion services.  We have the information  you need to make an informed decision.  Click here to learn more.

If you have already had an abortion and have had trouble coping since, we would like to hear from you.  Healing is within reach.  

caring counsel

Life Outreach has trained volunteers that are available to meet with you and to come alongside you in the choices you may be considering. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Knowing where to go for help is very important.  Please contact us.

Feeling alone?  The caring people at this pregnancy center would like to be part of your support system.  

We do not offer or refer for abortion services, but we have the information you need to make an informed decision.

accurate information about parenting

Choosing to continue your pregnancy and to become a parent is a very big decision.  But with the support of caring people, many women in your situation have found the necessary help and resources to not only survive, but thrive.  We can connect you with community resources to help you meet needs that you may be worried about.  Financial assistance, child care, housing, emotional support, and addiction help are some of the things you may be wondering about.  Talk to us.  We want to help.  Earn While You Learn is an educational program particularly for pregnant and parenting clients.  It is individualized to help you and your partner prepare for the birth and for the awesome responsibilities of bringing your baby home.  Or, if you are already a parent and you could use some help with potty training, disciplining, or dealing with any number of bewildering or frustrating issues, this program is for you.  You can even bring your kids! 

community referrals

No one should have to face an unplanned pregnancy alone.  We are here to connect you with the support you need, whether it is financial assistance, child care, emotional support, housing, addiction help, or other needs.

ongoing support


If you or a loved one has experienced abortion and have had trouble coping since, you may be in need of healing.  These are some symptoms of the negative emotional and psychological effects associated with abortion:

Eating disorders

Relationship problems



Flashbacks of abortion

Suicidal thoughts

Sexual dysfunction

Alcohol or drug abuse

Please contact our office for help.

We care.